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Flight Bag

$125.00 — $170.00

Rugged simplicity. If you want to keep the weight, cost, and fuss to a minimum check out the Flight Bags. Leather handles add reliability, a double layer of waxed canvas at the bottom resists abrasion, leather protects corners and adds class. 

Four sizes in the Flight Bag line–the Mini is a little bigger than a bowling ball bag.  The CarryOn makes for a neat and trim weekend bag. The Medium is slightly bigger. The Large Flight Bag really is large, it will stow a lot of gear (and is our most often returned bag… it’s surprising). 

All the Flight bags are taller than they are long with a semicircular shape. They represent some of the best value in the Frost River luggage line and have the best ratio of light weight for carrying capacity.


Size / Volume: Lg. 18″h x 27″w x 14″d. 6804 c.i. (approx.) Md. 16″h x 22″w x10″d. 3520 c.i. (approx.) CarryOn. 14″h x 20″w x 10″d. 2800 c.i. (approx.) Mini. 12″h x 18″w x 10″d. 2160 c.i. (approx.)
Weight: Lg. 4 lbs, Med. 3.1 lbs, CarryOn 2.8 lbs. Mini 2.2 lbs. (Approx.)
Base: Double Canvas
Handles: Rolled leather
Shoulder Strap: 2″ Cotton web, adjustable slide, snap hooks.
Materials: 18 oz. waxed canvas, premium leather, solid brass hardware.
Made in the USA See where our bags are born.

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