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Arrowhead ECO Rolltop Daypack

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No. 396, Arrowhead ECO Front. The ECO series offers expandable exterior pockets on either side of the Arrowhead Daypack.

All of the features of the standard Arrowhead Trail Rolltop Daypack Collection with added 2-in-1 side pockets.

If you are only carrying a little bit, roll the top all the way down and cinch the leather straps to the bag. Need more space? Unroll the top. The long straps and extra height allow expanded capacity. Waxed canvas is water resistant, and when matched with a rolled top it is especially weather tight. The ECO pockets can be snapped at the top when not in use, and keep items at your fingertips with the hidden slip pocket.

The Arrowhead Trail Rolltop ECO Collection

Scenario 1: You start your frosty morning bike commute wearing your fleece, wind shell, gloves and hat (Arrowhead Trail Rolltop cinched down to 18-inch height). But the day warms up, and on the way home you need to stow all that stuff plus more work from the office…Aargh! (Arrowhead Trail Rolltop expanded to 27-inch height…and you can still buckle the flap straps!). Scenario 2: (substitute "day hike in the Adirondacks"). Scenario 3: (substitute "trek to campus")…You get the idea.

The simple adaptability of the Arrowhead Rolltop makes carrying a small bundle, or a large load, a breeze. If you’re only carrying a little bit, roll the 18 oz. waxed canvas top all the way down and cinch the leather straps to the bag. Need more space? Unroll the top. The long, harness leather straps and extended top allow expanded capacity. Waxed canvas is water resistant, and when matched with a rolled top it is especially weather tight. There’s a loop for a blinking bike light, along with lash squares to tie stuff on… it’s a waxed canvas commuter pack that’s made in Duluth and really hauls!

The Arrowhead ECO is available in two sizes, 12in width and 15in width. They have a single main compartment with padded laptop sleeve, an interior hanging zippered pocket, and two small slip pockets at the side. On the exterior, there are two 2-in-1 side pockets with snap closure as well as a slip pocket between the pocket and pack body.

Not looking for extra pockets? Check out our standard Arrowhead Trail Packs here.

Waxed Canvas Rolltop

18oz waxed canvas repels water, working to keep your main compartment dry. The Rolltop adds extra protection from the elements with the added layers of canvas rolled at the top.

Premium Leather Straps

The long Bridle Leather flap-straps not only allow for the rolltop volume adjustments, but can also be used to strap more to the exterior of your pack.

2-in-1 Side Pockets

Our ECO pockets offer a large 4in x 4in pocket that can be snapped shut when not in use. Behind the pocket, is a hidden slip pocket for items you would like quick, yet secure, access to.

Model Dimensions Weight & Capacity Features

No. 396

18in H x 12in W x 5in D • Rolls open to 27in H • Plus ECO side pockets

1080c.i. (plus ECO side pockets)

12in Width

No. 397

18in H x 15in W x 5in D • Rolls open to 27in H • Plus ECO side pockets

1350c.i. (plus ECO side pockets)

15in Width


Buckskin Padded Shoulder Straps

Sold out

Enhance your pack with our premium buckskin padded shoulder straps. Cut from the same burly bridle leather and built with the same care, attention to detail and cushy closed-cell foam as in our canoe and bushcraft packs, this is an upgrade in both style and function.

Great Bike Bag

The Arrowhead's Rolltop closure helps keep the elements out of your main compartment. Waxed canvas's water repellency will work to block moisture.

Made in USA

All of our reliable softgoods are handcrafted in the United States. Frost River is located in Duluth, Minnesota.


The Arrowhead Collection is one of our customer favorites of the daypack category.

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  • 5
    Versatile: Perfect for a day hike or daily use!

    Posted by Andrea on Jun 21st 2022

    I bought this pack about 3 years ago and I have loved every second of owning it. It works really well as a bike commuter pack and for every day use. There are a perfect amount of pockets: not too many to be confusing/overwhelming, but just enough to organize my things. The laptop section in the pack works great to put my laptop and charger. The side pockets fit water bottles and snacks very nicely. I also use this as a hiking day pack. the pack distributes the weight in my back super well. Mine is durable and sturdy and has minimal wear and tear from my three years of owning and using it. I highly recommend this pack!!

  • 5
    Arrowhead Eco Rolltop Daypack

    Posted by Bruce Kulpan on Jun 18th 2022

    Awesome back pack! Best quality brass hardware and leather. Wonderful craftsmanship and attention to detail.

  • 5

    Posted by Trey Lopez on Feb 18th 2022

    I love buying things that are built to last — this pack delivers! I use it every day for work, I carry my laptop, secondary laptop screen, full size Bible, several other books, a large 36 oz Yeti in the side and app necessary cables and chargers. This uses about half the pack! Love the adaptability of this pack, I could easily pack for a 3-4 day trip with the bag itself. I upgraded the straps and added a Texas patch for personalization — worth it in my opinion.

  • 5
    Good Carry On Luggage

    Posted by Miles Winslow on Jan 20th 2022

    I bought this because I needed a new piece of carry-on luggage. I upgraded to the padded straps, and I'm that I will be glad when I use this in canoe country. I only travel with a carry, and how much does one need to travel? I have been to five continents this way. Almost one hundred percent of the time my piece of luggage will get pulled out by the TSA for extra scrutiny. The top has easy access to anyone to look into it. The side pockets were perfect for putting electronic gadgets that I needed to get to right away or put my sandals there. It holds plenty of clothing. I will also use this pack when I head into the BWCA. A really great pack that is well made. I'm expecting it to hold its value too. One day I won't be able to travel anymore, nor head to canoe country and then I will sell it, for a lot of money too! A great Minnesota product, which is made in Duluth, USA!

  • 5
    Arrowhead Eco Rolltop

    Posted by James on Jan 4th 2022

    I purchased the 12” version with upgraded straps for canoe day trips. The quality is outstanding, the design is well thought out and useful. Interior zip storage is a great feature. Very happy with it.

  • 5
    A very nice and flexible backpack

    Posted by Valentin on Aug 31st 2021

    I now have this backpack for a week. I used it for carying my laptop to work, to visit and shoot pictures of Québec city and for an adventure in the forests. This bag is the best backpack I ever had. Its robustness and adaptability in size make him an allrounder.

  • 5
    Expectations Blown

    Posted by Steven W. on Jun 28th 2021

    I just received this pack a few days ago and it's build quality has surpassed my expectations. The leather straps are legit bridle leather and are extremely hefty. The lashing tabs are also made of thick leather and are very robust. The snaps stud / eyelets are backed with leather to prevent pull through. The main compartment of the pack was also more sophisticated than I expected. There is foam back pad sewn between layers of canvas to provide some support and protection from getting poked in the back. Immediately behind this pad is a sleeve that can be used for a laptop, tablet, or notebooks, etc. On the inside of the bag but opposite the side pockets are small pockets that could be used for holding cards, a small notebook, or other small items you don't want floating around the interior of the pack. On the inside front (opposite the Frost River patch on the exterior) is a floating zipper pocket that is about 9x9 inches. I opted for the buckskin leather shoulder straps which are soft, supple, and make the pack very comfortable to wear. There are also brass drainage grommets on the on the main compartment just under the side pockets and installed under the side pockets as well. I had my state patch (Florida) stitched on and it looks amazing, definitely adds some additional cool character to the pack! The canvas that this pack is made from is also awesome. It's thick and looks like it'll last a lifetime or more - it reminds me of something that I'd have found in my Grandfather's basement from years gone by but still ready for more. The only other product that I can compare is a carry on sized shoulder bag from Duluth Pack. Duluth's product is inferior in canvas (both lighter weight and the waxing is more of an afterthought) and the leather closures were thin and flimsy. Frost River's pack construction is far more impressive and it cost me a good deal less than the carry on bag I purchased from Duluth. Thanks so much, I'm looking forward to the adventures that I have no doubt that I will have with this bag!

  • 5
    Eco rolltop

    Posted by John on Dec 24th 2020

    What a great pack, glad I got the 15" wide version! Plenty of room for my gear

  • 5
    Great Pack!

    Posted by Isaac on Aug 29th 2020

    Right when I took the pack out of the box I liked it more than I expected. The images make it look slightly bulkier, but it has a fairly low profile. Love being able to fill extra high and tight or tuck a sweater under the straps for quick access. I don’t own a Nalgene bottle, but we tested a 40 oz hydro flask in the side pockets and it fit perfectly. Probably won’t need another daypack or school bag ever again.