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Smitten with Frost River Mittens

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Smitten with Frost River Mittens

It's a bright night in mid-December...

The full moon casts chivalrous shadows across a fresh blanket of powdery snow. The air is as still as it is crisp, with a few straggling flakes floating gently upon their final resting place. You are walking along a path left untouched by activity. The unadulterated snow makes a soft, but satisfying crunch as you walk step by step. Your mind is clear, your heart is full, and there is only one thing on your mind…

“Gosh darn it my hands are freezing!”

It is a common problem most hearty Minnesotans face a few times during the long winter season. Cold hands can ruin an otherwise perfect night in the woods. Mittens and gloves are the obvious solution to this problem; however, the RIGHT mittens and gloves can be a bit more complex.

Northern Pacific Mittens in Snow

Northern Pacific Mittens on some fresh snow


Here at Frost River, we manufacture some of the best mittens in the Northland. With premium raw materials such as buckskin leather and waxed canvas, these mittens are assembled with love by our very own skilled manufacturing team. Our line-up of handcrafted mittens is unlike any other!

Pennsylvania Choppers

These mittens are the real deal. Offered in three colors of Premium Buckskin (Black, Saddle, and Palamino) as well as durable waxed canvas, these mittens are tougher than nails! All of our buckskin comes from real, wild deer hides, so each one is a little different. The durable waxed canvas option is made of 10.10oz field tan waxed canvas that makes them water resistant! The high quality elastic sewed into the cuffs of these mittens is second to none and shouldn’t wear out under normal use. While they do not come with a liner, a Fox River USA liner is available for purchase and is highly recommended!

Pennsylvania Choppers holding a log

Pennsylvania Choppers carrying firewood

Buckskin leather Choppers by Frost River No.870D in Palomino leather. The Soft Buckskin is durable and sure to last a lifetime.

Sold out

"I bought these and the matching liner as a gift for my husband after complaining that he couldn’t find warm gloves. The black buckskin is soft and beautiful and fairly elegant for a chopper. He was borderline on the sizing, and I ended up I having to exchange an XL for a L. Customer service was AMAZING - so friendly and fast! The size large is generous enough for him to wear a few different types of liners underneath, so they are definitely versatile as well. I would definitely buy from this company again."

- Kate (Customer submitted review from January 2021)

Northern Pacific Mittens

Also available in all three colors of Premium Buckskin as well as waxed canvas, these mittens are ready to use as soon as you walk out the door! Lined with arctic polar fleece, these should keep your hands nice and warm as you stroll through your favorite local park. Sewed with care by our talented manufacturers, these mittens are the younger cousin of the Great Northern Choppers.

Northern Pacific Mittens in Saddle Buckskin adventuring throough the woods

The Northern Pacific Mittens in Black are soft, durable, and sure to last for years to come. This item is crafted in Duluth, MN by artisans at Frost River.

Sold out

These are an absolutely beautiful pair of choppers. The craftsmanship is fantastic, they seem like they'll hold up, and are doing a great job of keeping my hands warm on the ice.

- Ben W. (Customer submitted review, Feb. 2021)

Great Northern Choppers

These are some big mittens. The waxed canvas exterior of these hearty choppers help keep the elements out while keeping heat in. The solid brass hardware that keeps these mittens together adds an elegant, strong tone to the fashionable mitts. Lined with arctic fleece, these mittens were built to survive in the coldest of northern Minnesota winters.

Great Northern Choppers hard at work

Great Northern Choppers, Waxed Canvas, hard at work

The Great Northern Choppers are made of water resistant waxed canvas, durable leather, and solid brass hardware in Duluth, MN.

Sold out

Such truly AMAZING WORKMANSHIP! I want to wear these all year long just to wave at people! If only FROST RIVER would make a size big enough to sleep in, just say’n!

- Michael (customer submitted review August 2021)


The Frost River Guarantee:

These mitts and choppers are tough. But if you wear ‘em like they’re work gloves, expect that they will eventually wear out. We guarantee all our reliable softgoods to hold together, that the hardware will do its job, but don’t mistake that for a claim they’ll last forever. We stand behind our work and take pride in making good stuff. However, if you use anything made from canvas and leather long enough and hard enough, you’ll need to eventually repair it, and sometimes replace it. When that time comes, we hope you choose to replace it with another Frost River item.

What’s the guarantee on mittens? We’ll cover that the seams will hold, the elastic will stay in place, and on the Great Northern Choppers the brass clasp will last and work as long as the mitts hold together. Other than that, repairs for holes, rope-tows chewing through, or dogs discovering the deliciousness of your mitts etc. would fall under the “repair at a reasonable rate” clause if they're still repairable.

Frost River Mitten Manufacturing

Skilled Frost River technicians carefully sew your favorite mittens

You really cannot go wrong with Frost River Mittens. Built to last and keep your hands comfy in the dead of winter, these mitts should be on everyone’s holiday wish list this year! Check ‘em out today!

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All of our mitten and chopper styles are named after historic railways that helped build our country up to what it is today. Shop for your next pair of mittens while learning a few fun historical facts along the way in our Frost River Field Guide Vol. V - Mitten Season. All Aboard!