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Stahl/Frost River Firepit Sling

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The Stahl/Frost River Firepit Sling is a collaboration, co-designed by the folks at Stahl and the craftspersons at Frost River to haul either the Stahl Camper Firepit, or fire wood! Meticulously handcrafted to meet the durable standard of the all-metal, portable fire pit and inspired by our original Firewood Sling, this collaboration piece is purpose-built to last. With upgrades on our Firewood Sling, like brass snaps that help keep the sling closed or provide a platform for our Accessory Bag XPs (think kindling, fire-starters, gloves), extra-long leather handles to help shoulder the load, and of course pockets with extra reinforcement for the steel and aluminum, this is a carefully thought out piece of waxed canvas and leather equipment. There's no better way to carry the Stahl Camper Firepit.

The Stahl Firepit was created with simple functionality and timeless beauty in mind. It's for outdoor use, and designed to withstand exposure to the elements. The steel is intentionally non-powder coated and free from artificial treatments, allowing the natural aging process to inform the character of the metal. They chose materials that weather gracefully and naturally protect the firepit from the elements. Take your firepit on vacation. The lightweight aluminum makes this firepit ideal for car camping, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for convenience. The firepit was built to withstand flames, the sling was built to carry it, but not while it is hot. Do not attempt to load the firepit into the Firepit Sling until the metal has cooled enough to be handled with bare hands. *Warning, the firepit can become hot after a prolonged fire and children should be under adult supervision at all times around the firepit.


, Cotton Binding, Full Grain Premium Leather



2x Narrow Slip Pockets for Center Piece, 2x Medium Slip Pockets, 2x Large Slip Pockets




22"x19" Closed, 22"x38" Open, 12" Handles


Waxed Canvas Double Bottom, Full Grain Leather Corners.