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Tent Pole Packages

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13.00 LBS
The Tent Pole Packages are made of heavy duty aluminum poles. This item is available in two styles, campfire and whelen lean-to. This product is made in the USA and built to last.

These heavy duty aluminum poles are machined to precisely work with the campfire tents. The two long vertical poles are two piece construction-- the inside pole is ¾” diameter the outer is 7/8”. The short poles used at the rear of the tent are a solid piece of ¾” aluminum tube. The ridgepole is of three piece construction with several adjustments. It extends to a maximum length of roughly 7’6”. There are holes machined in the ridgepole to secure the uprights to the horizontal ridgeline. The Baker tent design as well as the Whelen Lean-To, are not "free-standing" and require several guy lines for stability. The pole package also includes pre-measured Lines to help maintain stability of the shelter. The pole package includes one canvas bag for the poles and accessories.

If you're not super crafty and carving your own at each site, you'll need to pair our Pole Package and Tent with a set of Stakes to keep it held down. Ours are handmade, hammer forged from iron. They're burly, heavy, and repairable. More info here.

Campfire Tent Pole Package Includes: 1 Ridgepole, 4 Adjustable Vertical Poles, 2 Short Non-Adjustable Poles, 6 Roughly 12' Lengths of Line, 1 Short Length of Line, 1 Canvas Drawstring Bag - Stakes sold separately

Whelen Lean-to Pole Package Includes: 2 Adjustable Vertical Poles, 5 Roughly 12' Lengths of Line, 1 Canvas Drawstring Bag - Stakes sold separately


(Campfire Tents): 13 lbs. (Approx.) (Whelen Lean-to): 8 lbs. (Approx.)


361 – Campfire Tent Pole Package, 356 – Whelen Lean-to Pole Package


(Campfire Tents): 4 telescoping uprights, 1 telescoping ridge pole, 2, 2′ back wall poles, 6 ropes, 6 rope stays, Comes in 1 canvas drawstring bag

(Whelen Lean-to): 2 telescoping uprights, 5 ropes, Comes in 1 canvas drawstring bag)


Aluminum poles, diamond braid rope, wooden rope stays